Monday, February 01, 2010

Our Special Breakout T-Shirts

For a while we've been promising our customers a special promotion on our t-shirts and so we've decided to give them exactly what they want, thanks to our exclusive Breakout T-Shirt section.
Starting today we will be selecting a design from our website which we will be available for our customer's wearing pleasure at the hairy palmed price of just £10.99. This promotion will only last for a limited time as we have just a specific number of each selected design to include in this discount. Our very first Breakout t-shirt is our Jaws tribute tee, Sharkspotter Amity Island, and is currently available for £10.99 HERE

Thursday, November 19, 2009

John Smeaton is a fan of the S.D.F.C.

We were alerted earlier this week to a BBC documentary called Make Me AN MP which documented Glasgow cult figure John Smeaton's attempt to became a bona-fide politician, during the recent Glasgow North East by-election. Mr Smeaton rose to popularity after he tackled a terrorist at Glasgow airport in the summer of 2007 and went on to enjoy cult status not just in Scotland but around the world. As you can see from the still above Smeato can be clearly seen to be wearing our Proudly Banjoing Terrorists t-shirt. Cheers Smeato.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shocktober Tees For The S.D.F.C.

It's the most mysterious month of the year and to celebrate we've designed four special t-shirts which celebrate four of the most famous conspiracy theories in history. We have the JFK assassination conspiracy, the death of Marilyn Monroe, the Roswell Incident and the fake moon landing conspiracy. Enjoy.

The moon landing conspiracy theory t-shirt
The Roswell incident conspiracy theory t-shirt
The Marilyn Monroe conspiracy theory t-shirt.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Two New Tees

Here are two spanking new t-shirts currently available over on our website. The first is a parody of those Keep Calm And Carry On t-shirts currently doing the rounds spliced with a subtle reference to John Carpenter's cult sci-fi classic They Live. As you can see the second t-shirt was inspired by the wonderfully eclectic British weather.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comic Con 2009

Our good friends over at produced some amazing coverage of this year's Comic Con in San Diego. Just to give all of us who couldn't be there a taste of how fanatical things can get David Chen filmed this short segment highlighting the length of the queue just to get in to the Futurama hall. Incidentally David was wearing our I Heart NNY Futurama tribute tee as he bravely waded his way through a veritable sea of nerds...except for the hot blonde who appears at 0.59, who apparently left the prerequisite Star Trek costume at home.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Check Out Movie Overdose

We just received this picture of the guys over at Movie Overdose who were kind enough to wear a couple of our Wire tribute t-shirts. Sam Unsted, John Doree and Tom Green review the latest cinematic releases and debate the finer points of being a film fan on their excellent weekly podcast. If by now you don't believe that radio is dead and buried then you haven't listened to podcasts like the Movie Overdose. Like films? Then listening to Sam, John and Tom is a no-brainer.

You can also follow the guys over at their Twitter page HERE

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trailers From Hell Is A Friend Of The S.D.F.C.

A while ago American comedian/writer/actor Patton Oswalt sent us a couple of pics of him wearing our Charley Varrick and Cutty's Boxing Gym t-shirts. To describe our reaction at the time as excited would have been a huge understatement, so imagine our delight only a few weeks ago when we received an e-mail from Josh Olsen, a long time friend of Mr Oswalt's, who is also a regular contributor to the excellent website Trailers From Hell. Josh kindly informed us that he loved the shirts we had sent Patton and so he ordered some for himself, explaining that he planned to wear them whilst filming a segment for the website. One of the tees he picked was our Gremlins tribute shirt Dorry's Tavern, which he loved and wanted to wear as an in-joke for the director of the movie Joe Dante who actually helps to run Trailers From Hell. A double whammy for us, a fan of our shirts wearing one whilst filming a segment for a website we frequent, which is also run by one of our all time favourite movie directors.

Fast forward a couple of months and Josh has now filmed the segment, which you can watch below, and as promised he wore the t-shirt, but what is even more mind blowing, for us at least, is the video he shot was for the Kentucky Fried Movie trailer, a film which we took inspiration from to set up The State Dept Of Fashion Corrections and the name of our fictional Warden In Chief - Big Jim Slade.
We're not sure if Josh is aware of this coincidence but it tickled us pink to make the connection. Be sure to check out the rest of the excellent website Trailers From Hell, which any self-respecting movie fan will adore.

N.B. The reason Dorry's Tavern shows up as being blue is because of the green screen behind Josh.